19 November 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): Detroit - Minesota 1(1.90)

Detroit is one of the top teams this season and by statistics they score 3.6 goals per game, only Washington scores 3.7 per game. They are really playing great and for this game no major injuries are reported. Minesota isn't playing well this season and their team is ravaged by injuries. For this match they can't count on Harding, Latendresse, Kobasew, Sheppard, Tordjman and Bouchard. With all these injuries in Minesota team i see no doubts about who will take this. I'm 100% positive on Detroit victory! 

17 November 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): Washington - Buffalo 1(1.90)

You just got to love Washington Capitals, they are playing great and really scoring a lot! For this game Poti and Gordon are missing in Washington team but i don't think that their absence will matter much, esspecialy when they are a home team. For this match Buffalo can't count on Gerbe, Rivet and Stafford. Now the main fact about this pick is that Buffalo played their last game yesterday and it went to extra time, while Washington played 3 days ago. Only one day of rest for Buffalo can't be enough to handle a team like Washington, no way!
WIN! FT 4:2

15 November 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): Buffalo - Vancouver 2(2.40)

Buffalo's play this season is not good at all, only 6 wins in 18 matches. For this game Rivet and Gerbe are out in Buffalo team. Vancouver is playing great, both home and away matches. They have no injuries reported for this match so I see them continuing their great form tonight. Buffalo doesn't stand a chance!
LOSE! FT 3:3

14 November 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): Washington - Atlanta 1(1.80)

Washinton play this season is just amazing and by statistics they score most goals in the league. They have no injuries or suspensions reported so i think this will be an easy win over Atlanta. Atlanta for this match can't count on Cormier and Little, their play this season is really bad and i see no doubts about who will take this. Go Capitals!
WIN! FT 6:4

13 November 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): Detroit - Colorado 1(1.90)

Detroit is one of the top teams this season with 10 wins in 14 matches and they don't have any major injury trouble. Colorado on the other hand is ravaged by injuries, for this match they can't count on Quincey, Galiardi, Koci, Anderson, Gulik, Cohen, Wilson, Mueller, Foote and Cumiskey. Detroit is great on home turf and they will take this!
WIN! FT 3:1

12 November 2010

TENNIS(MEN): Federer - Melzer 2(5.00)

We all know who Federer is and how hard is to beat him. Melzer is an excelent player and hes play in the past few moths is outstanding. If we see that same play today, I really think he can take this from Federer. This is more of a value bet than a pick and i will play it with a small bet becuase I think its worthy!
LOSE! Sets 2:0 

10 November 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): Anaheim - N.Y. Islanders 1(2.00)

N.Y. Islanders are one of the worst teams this season, only 4 wins in 14 matches. Their defence is bad usually and for this game 2 more D-man are missing. For this game they can't count on Lawson, Okposo, MacDonald, Jurcina and Streit. Anaheim is showing great play in the last few games and they are very dominant on home turf. From top players in Anaheim team only Beleskey is missing so i see this as an easy Anaheim win.
WIN! FT 1:0

8 November 2010

TENNIS(MEN): Querrey - Monaco 2(2.00)

Monaco is showing some better play in past few months than Querrey. Also he has already won Querrey twice and last win is from this year. To me this is a very good bet to place because Querrey is going down!
WIN! Sets 0:2

4 November 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): L.A.Kings - Tampa Bay 1(2.15)

This is a clash between top two teams. L.A. is a home team here, they score a lot and they have a solid defence and most important of all they don't have any major injury trouble. Tampa Bay on the other hand can't count on Ranger, Smaby, Gagne, Hedman and Moore. Their defence is not so great this season and with these injuries i think they will have even more trouble handling a team like L.A. Kings. 
WIN! FT 1:0

2 November 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): Buffalo - Boston 2(2.40)

Buffalo is one of the worst teams in NHL this year, with only 3 wins in 12 matches. For this match they can't count on Gerbe, Gragnani and Pominville. Boston is showing grat play this season and they have the best defence in the league. For this game only Boychuk is missing in Boston team. He is not such a big loss and i think Boston will continue with thier great play and take this one from Buffalo.
WIN! FT 2:5

30 October 2010

HOCKEY(NHL): L.A.Kings - N.Jersey 1(2.10)

N. Jersey is one of the worst NHL teams this year, they had only 2 wins in 10 matches. Their injury list is long: Corrente, Fraser, Salmela, Salvador, Volchenkov, Pelley, Rolston. L.A. has some injuries but much less than N.Jersey. L.A. is a home team here, they are playing great this year and they will take this!
WIN! FT 3:1